The parallels between slavery and unborn children are strikingly evident to any who care to seek the truth, any who are principled and honest. Clearly, this is at its foundation a spiritual issue.

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May 3, 2022Liked by Leonydus Johnson

Thank you for the well written piece. I agree with you that it’s sad for me to see the lack of understanding that abortion is taking the life of a living fetus/ child which means it’s murder. Recently I read that people who say they wouldn’t have an abortion but support the right for other people to have one is the same as saying I don’t believe in slavery but I support the right for other people to own slaves! I wish I could wake people up to the hypocrisy of abortion when they consider that.

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May 4, 2022Liked by Leonydus Johnson

In both these scenarios neither is considered to be a human being a person. People need to know that one both counts it's ALWAYS been the democrats who fight for the right of and endorse the evil. Which for some reason gets overlooked by society. God be with us. Thank you for standing up against this plan of Satan. I've done a lot of counseling at pregnancy centers even before they started using ultrasound. With this device women and others are able to SEE that the life is human and minds have been changed. Praise God.

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May 4, 2022·edited May 4, 2022

You have made a very compelling argument. The scenarios are analogous and you have laid it out very clearly.

I do also understand some of the fervor of pro-choice advocates. For generations, women were denied autonomy. In many countries this is still the case. By the time a girl is 8 or 9 she is essentially bartered as a sexual and reproductive tool, her desires, ambitions, dreams, ability to make decisions largely irrelevant and second in importance to her value as a sexual and reproductive object.

When a woman is not allowed to make decisions about when she will give birth, she is being stripped of autonomy. No matter how it came to be that she got pregnant (and I’m not just talking about rape), societal structures including the law can dictate that she must carry the baby and she must physiologically and psychologically go through pregnancy whether she wants to or not. There is no such equivalent responsibility or burden for men when it comes to control of their own person.

Not every woman who has become pregnant did so out of a desire to be pregnant or as a result of careless behavior. Sometimes pregnancy is used by husbands as a way to control their wife’s ambitions. It disrupts educational goals. It beholdens women to people they do not want to be beholden too including men and yes even to children.

Some religions go further and reject birth control, furthering imposing limits on a woman. So from that perspective, the right to choose is a fundamental human right of equality and autonomy.

But of course the conversation is very layered. What of the right of the unborn child? Who is accountable for the unborn child. Is it only the mother? Is she alone to bear the burden of deciding whose right to life is more valuable.

As a result, when determining whether to bring another individual to life, is it not a decision and sacrifice that only the woman can make? In a way it is then a very powerful position. Maybe it gives women power that is unacceptable in a patriarchal society. Tough questions.

Minimally access to birth control must be maintained and available to all women of child bearing age. Even Plan B as horrible as that sounds. If an unborn child’s life is viable outside the womb, then this option should be accessible and affordable. And ultimately if a woman does not want to be pregnant and does not want to be a mother, it is impossible for any other person to force her. So as much as I agree that abortion is godless and an ultimate form of humanism, there doesn’t appear to be any moral or constitutionally legal way for a man or anyone but the woman impacted to decide what she must do with respect to her own personhood. If you’re a person of faith who subjects them self to God and puts His laws first, then you can more easily make that decision. But if you are not subject to God (which our constitution and system of law does not require) and you are a humanist and believe your power over yourself is ultimate, you and you alone should decide if you will keep or terminate a pregnancy

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