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I really appreciated Naomi Wolf's letter. We likely don't agree on many things, but it takes a lot to publicly do that. She's at least willing to look at facts and even let them change her mind. I respect her for that. And you as well! Good for you for looking into Ferguson. Few people are willing to even do that much. I've learned that the hard way, as I've spent way too much time sending people videos from official sites (not just clips), personally doing transcripts, and researching other info. They won't even bother to look at it.

I have not been able to stomach watching the "new" J6 footage. First of all, why was it hidden for 2 years?! More importantly, anyone who watched the coverage as it happened knew the J6 coverage was not remotely accurate. I saw much of what you did: doors held open by police, people peacefully walking around like they were a tourist group. Yes, I saw some violence outside as well. But that had nothing to do with Trump, when I heard him saying to be peaceful. To present it the way they did was a lie from the moment it happened. If you haven't already, check out Julie Kelly's extensive work on J6. She deserves a medal or something.

Great verses at the end!

Also, Finding Nemo is one of the best movies ever made.

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