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This page will consist of a combination of articles and podcast episodes committed to a common sense, liberty-minded approach to controversial topics. It seems the whole world has gone mad and we’re not allowed to even talk about it. Those in power along with the mainstream media have agendas to pursue and they continually and frustratingly refuse to tell us the truth. Whether the issue is race, gender, economics, psychology, religion, immigration, or a worldwide pandemic, it is vital that we do our own research, reject the culture of groupthink, and challenge the narrative. That is my goal with Informed Dissent.

About Leonydus

Leonydus is a speech-language pathologist, writer, podcast host, theatre and film actor, director, musician, Christian, father, husband, and advocate for individualism and a post-racial society. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology, both from Ohio University. He began hosting the Informed Dissent podcast in August 2020.

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Challenging the narrative


Leonydus Johnson

Host of the Informed Dissent Podcast and advocate for liberty, individualism, and post-racial identity