Writer, cultural/political commentator, and host of the “Informed Dissent” Podcast, Leonydus Johnson, brings common sense, liberty-minded perspectives to a variety of hot-button topics that dare to challenge the accepted narratives.
Abortion, like slavery, is the ultimate form of oppression
Ultimately, it doesn't matter what you call it. It's evil and it needs to stop
Episode 34: I'm Not a BiologistListen now (35 min) | Progressivism would have us believe that the word “woman” cannot be defined, that young children need to be exposed to deviant…
Episode 33: Crazy PillsListen now (39 min) | Is omicron really overwhelming our hospitals? Does mass formation psychosis really not exist? Are voting rights really under…
Justice does not need a qualifier
Episode 32: Lady VengeanceListen now (37 min) | Justice should never be confused with vengeance
Episode 31 - EnoughListen now (35 min) | We are in an abusive relationship with our own government. Everything they say and do is done by utilizing abusive tactics in…
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